Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a software technology that enables execution of rule-based recurring tasks without human interaction. The software robots are able to e.g.:

– Find information on the Internet
– Make calculations
– Send e-mails

We have spoken with many companies about robotic process automation, and the question we get the most is: How do we get started? In our experience, you should start with the solutions that generate the quickest successes. In this way, you show your organisation that optimisations free resources for other tasks. When you involve your organisation, your potential will quickly grow large. The first step on the road to success in robotic process automation is getting the employees to view the changes positively.

With MM Robotics at the helm, you are ensured a flexible implementation phase. We make sure that your new digital assistants carry out their work without interrupting your workday. And we offer coaching when routines and habits stand in the way of more efficient work procedures.

When robots are added to the staff, manual tasks become streamlined and automated. Software robots are not subject to regulations on driving and rest hours, they run 24/7/365. Software robots do not get tired and make human mistakes, they solve rule-based tasks in exactly the same way every time. The quality of the work will increase, while boosting efficiency.

Software robots based on RPA/AI technology allow automating work processes across all platforms, so that the software robot will work both internally in your systems and carry out tasks between the various systems. All manual tasks can be taken over by a robot, freeing human qualities to be applied where human experience and assessment will create much more value for the company.

MM Robotics offers

Our offers are always individually tailored based on the services that are relevant to the individual company. Small and large companies stand to benefit greatly financially by automating routine jobs, but their starting point will differ. The following shows examples of the services we provide, but you are always welcome to contact us to hear our specific recommendations for your company.

– We develop software robots customised to your company’s needs where processes are either fully or partially taken over by software robots.
– We offer a combination of outsourcing and robotic process automation, so that you are able to see the value from day one. We carry out the manual work while developing the software robot that in future will take over the work. It is possible to keep part of the process manual if this is the most optimum solution from a business perspective (it rarely is from a technical perspective). In these cases, we can continue the outsourcing agreement after completing the robot implementation.
– We train the employees who will be working with the new virtual assistants.
– When everything is up and running, and you no longer need our consultancy, we will still provide support, and you will still be able to call our Helpdesk.

Other options

If you have your own RPA, we offer to test your software robots for errors before they are commissioned. External testing that offers a fresh set of eyes is the best way to avoid software filled with start-up problems when it is commissioned by the end user.

We also offer 2nd-level support from our experts as a supplement to your own internal support.

Company optimisation

If you are ready to take the next step, where software robots not only take care of routine jobs, we can offer both management consulting and coaching.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an informal talk or meeting, were we can review your company’s current processes and identify the areas in which your company will benefit the most from automation.


Artificial intelligence offers endless opportunities

Nowadays, most companies have realised the usefulness of automating manual tasks. However, robotic process automation of existing, manual tasks is only the top of the iceberg in terms of the potential software robots have for company optimisation.
Tasks that used to be too big and therefore are not carried out can be undertaken by software robots, because they work 24/7 and much faster than humans. The potential becomes even greater when software robots are upgraded with the newest AI technologies. Tasks that used to be considered unfit for robots because solving them required a certain cognitive level can now be solved by artificial intelligence.

Management consulting

It is hard to keep your own processes at arm’s length and think innovatively. That is why MM Robotics is offering to help identify the opportunities this technology can give your company. When you are able to see the full potential, existing routine tasks will not be the only ones that are automated. The software robots can carry out manual tasks, where estimation is required, and they can handle tasks that previously have not been considered part of the company’s potential because they have been unrealistic.
When you choose Management Consulting at MM Robotics, our consultants will make sure to uncover your company’s full potential. Most companies have an uncovered potential that goes beyond the routine tasks that are visible.
Do not hesitate to contact us for an informal talk, where together we can consider the optimum solution for your company.


Take care of your employees

Company optimisation often originates from the physical resources or daily routines, but there is great potential to be found in the employees’ mindset. Optimisation at employee level means getting your employees to work better, not just getting them to run faster. When all employees work better, your workplace will reach peak performance status while upholding a high level of job satisfaction. MM Robotics has many years of experience in coaching where we work with both managers and other key persons or entire departments. For instance, we have developed courses for sellers and estate agents.

Are your employees ready to embrace change?

Manual processes being taken over by robots may to some employees sound like science fiction where an army of robots walks among us. Software robots are completely invisible and in no way science fiction. Software technologies can create value for both the company’s bottom line and the individual employee, who will get rid of mundane work tasks and get time for more interesting tasks. Even with this knowledge, some employees may still find process automation daunting and strange.

Coaching and RPA/AI

MM Robotics makes sure that the new colleagues – the digital assistants – are completely autonomous so that they do not require technical skills. Through coaching, we also make sure that your company is prepared to manage any fear and lack of willingness to adapt. MM Robotics engenders a flexible implementation either through coaching of one or more managers or though coaching sessions in relevant departments. Even an old dog can learn new tricks as long as it gets the right kind of recognition and instruction.Our coaching is based on the employees’ mental blocks. Focus is turned towards the advantages the individual employee will achieve in the form of more time for tasks that better match his or her skills. When coaching is provided simultaneously with robotic process automation, we use the new digital assistants as our starting point. However, coaching often leads to increased performance of all company employees. This is seen in increased efficiency that goes much further than the improvement delivered by the robots.

The type of coaching that is right for you depends on many individual factors, so please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal talk or a meeting.

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